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Sons of Korriban  -  The Sons of Korriban operate within the Imperial Sphere of Technology, and are c...

Star Wars: The Old Republic - PC - Star Forge (US)

Star Forge (US) - PvP

Class Requirements (Level 10+)
class Bounty Hunter
class Powertech (Tank,Melee DPS)
class Mercenary (Healing,Ranged DPS)
class Imperial Agent
class Sniper (Ranged DPS)
class Operative (Healing,Melee DPS,Ranged DPS)
class Sith Inquisitor
class Assassin (Tank,Melee DPS)
class Sorcerer (Healing,Ranged DPS)
class Sith Warrior
class Juggernaut (Tank,Melee DPS)
class Marauder (Melee DPS)
Recruitment information
With the disappearance of Darth Deiphage and the dissolution of the Dark Council, the Sons of Korriban exist to curry the favor of their former Dark Lord turned Sith Empress, Darth Acina, by formulating plans to place themselves as the new Hand of the Empress. Relocating to the moon Yavin IV, the four Harbingers of the Sons of Korriban have begun erecting a temple to be a galactic base of operations, while their fleet, the Maelstrom of Retribution, protects the extrajudicial compounds in Ilum, Belsavis, and CZ-198.

The four Harbingers are given the authority to recruit and train Sith Apprentices to rebuild the struggling order from the defeat of the Eternal Empire and the loss of the Korriban Academy, and some seek to recruit trackers, ex-Minders, and even lost Mandalorians to their missions. Whether the Harbingers can work together to create a cohesive, focused mission like Darth Deiphage, or seek to undermine their brethren for greater glory has yet to be seen. Their position in power is tentative, and newly minted Dark Lords may one say supercede them. The volatility of the Sons of Korriban has never been higher.

It is a new galaxy, and a new galaxy demands a new kind of weapon, and a new kind of thinking. The Sons of Korriban require great minds, and great ambitions. Service to the Sith Empress is a must, and loyalty to the Order is a requirement. Whatever happens then depends on the paths that servants take in their goal of power. Whether you become an apprentice, or seek to train others, the legacy of the Sith must carry on far past when the shadow of the Eternal Empire falls.
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The Sons of Korriban operate within the Imperial Sphere of Technology, and are charged with the reclaiming of lost or stolen technology.