So, yeah.  I purged all the characters.
Here's how to put them back in the database:

1.  This is going to have to be done via Enjin, not the Sons of Korriban's website, so you need to first access your own accountpage by clicking your name in the top right-hand corner.

Finding your Account

2.  From there, access your characters tab on the lower-right.  You may actually have characters listed there but have not been registered in a guild.  This unfortunately means you need to remake them so they're placed in the appropriate guild's database.  This has nothing to do with the game!  This is just Enjin being Enjin.  So see where it says "<number> characters>?  Click on that.

The characters tab

3.  Now it will list all your registered characters and the registered games on your account.  This has nothing to do with what actually exists because you can make characters for friggin' minecraft and those run on custom client-side servers and private networks.  It's just a database thing.  Find the Sons of Korriban label under Star Wars:  The Old Republic, and click to add a character!

the character screen

4.  Then just fill in the needed information.  Make sure you pick the Ebon Hawk (US) server.  If you want, take a screenshot for your character, but you can do that later.  You can edit this information at any time to update their level and crew skills.  Don't need to sweat the "Global character list" thing.

the creation menu

Then you are done!  I'll have your character in my database and when your characters align themselves to a power base, you'll see them on the new MEMBERS PAGE, which is my project to have a fully graphical hierarchy of the Sons of Korriban.

Thanks for your cooperation!

Sith Lord of War I'd have to go on to remember the char names lol although Wars I never forgot
Raziel a By the way, I use the character select screen for screenshots using PRTSCR button and then crop using MSPaint.
Raziel a if you have registered a character and it has not been added to the hierarchy, then feel free to send me an enjin messag...


Raziel a posted May 15, 17

I purged all your enjin characters from the website.

Recreate them and you'll see why.

Just characters in this guild though...

Sethredto Raaaaaaazzzz !
Xervon/Kil-rok What do you mean Purged?

Into the Entropic Void

Raziel a posted Mar 3, 17

Ilum Facility

The Hyperarc Facility
Sector 7G
The Unknown Regions of Space

"It's what Vergil always wanted," Commander Ortega attempted to explain.  "Autonomy.  Direct independence from the Sith Order.  I can't blame 'em for what he did.  He's still serving the Empire, my Lord.  Just not you."

Darth Moiragetes leaned his helmeted head on his fist, his free hand tapping the clawed tips of the gauntlet along the handle of his seat.  The Vigilance lab in CZ-198, its entire leadership and staff, unilaterally decided to re-align themselves to the miralukan filth of Epikouros Ataraxia, the luka sene executor who was grown in the lab, cutting off support to the operational needs of the Sith.  The cutting of biotic research and droid engineering was a setback, and the loss of Darth Moiragetes adrenal supply going to an upstart irritated him much more than Darth Orecal's success in dismantling the central operations command in Dromund Kaas.

'These morons were supposed to kill each other,' he thought. 'Allying to strike against us is a problem.  They deny us our destiny.'

'Their intelligence isn't as perceptive as they think of themselves.  Hubris can and will be their downfall,' another voice re-assured inside.  'It's the fate of Sith and those who chase power.  The desperation will come, eventually.'

"Captain Marco will get what is coming to him," Darth Moiragetes finally said.  "There are other matters pressing us right now."  He activated a holoterminal, where the image of Admiral Asclepius Podalirius appeared on the bridge of the Maelstrom of Retribution with Admiral Ada Babbage, Captain Nagi Manasa, and Captain Sullas Bere.  Another terminal raised with a connection to the Bulwark, and Lieutenant-Colonel Alexander Kuresh illuminated.  Darth Moiragetes began transmitting the broadcast on all S-thread frequencies.  "We are asserting direct operational command of the Sons of Korriban assets.  The threat of Zakuul is over.  The Sith Empire is free of subordination to the Abdicated One.  We are free of the Emperor's dominance over our order.  Odessan is not our enemy.  The Jedi, and the Galactic Republic that protect them are our enemy, and the false Scions of Zakuul are a cult to be crushed. 

"The way forward is to Iokath:  a world that constructed the Constellation Constructs; a world that promises lost xenotechnology which allowed the Eternal Fleet it's purpose; a world that crafted the skytrooper legions; and a world that will allow us to improve our fleet and droid forces exponentially.  The Maelstrom of Retribution, stationed here in Ilum, Kharrid's Vengeance in CZ-198, and Apotheosis in Belsavis, will begin their preparations in mobilizing to the worlds of Zakuul's former Empire, sweeping up swaths of their remnant technology as we move towards Iokath, where our destiny lies. 

"As Darth Deiphage before us, technology of Old will carve the path of the New.  We firmly believe that Iokath is the jewel that Lord Typhaon would have us pursue, and so we shall pursue it as the Empress would have it at her pleasure."  Darth Moiragetes turned his head to Commodore Podalirius.  "Are we prepared?"

"Aye, my Lord.  It will be a pleasure to breach this machine world of machine men and deliver it to the Empire," Asclepious said proudly.

"Pilots are onboard," Captain Bere promised.  "Ordnance loaded for a solid run to get us a good landing position.  No records of any orbital defenses."

"Once the radiation field is down, we will commence hyperspace jump, my Lord," Admiral Babbage planned.  "Our probes are constantly relaying information now.  We will ensure that the Empire is first to claim te world."

"Dread-tech's comin' along just fine, m'Lord.  Droideka production and Dread Killas are on th' way," Colonel Kuresh reported.

"And you, Commander?"  Darth Moiragetes asked Rudger Ortega.

"Right as rain and calm as the ice on Ilum, my Lord," the commander answered.  "We're ready to move on your command."

Darth Moiragetes stood up.  "The Emperor is gone.  The Sith are free from his false destiny to eke our own our fate.  Let us determine the true leader with a measure of success.  Iokath will determine everything that matters."

On being social

Raziel a posted Feb 14, 17

The term is Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Games.

I'd like to emphasize those first two words, even as most people cut off the latter half (but we observe it religiously).

When we get new people, one of the hardest things to do is keep them around, keep them involved, and keep them interested.  They are the proverbial outsiders, looking in, and seeing a bunch of strange people they don't know, playing strange characters they've never met, and doing things they're unsure of, but they want to be included.  Trust me, we all want to be included.  We want to be a part of something bigger than ourselves.  We're in this to have fun, and the thing about new people, and new roleplayers especially, is that there is a lack of self confidence in our actions and that sense makes us unwilling to go outside the boundaries of what we consider safe -- to include present companies.

This is why, even for our most active members, it is a stretch to peel them away from what inevitably results in a clique.  We've seen and criticized this behavior most of our adult lives, and witnessed it in other guilds whose social events we've even been a part of only to be snubbed from interacting with due to the cliqueishness of people who would rather just be amongst their own kind.  This is the monkeybrain effect of human social engineering, and it's a hard thing to break out of.

So, if you see a new name, I don't want you guys to just leave them alone (although you should start becoming familiar with legacy names so you can differentiate people from their characters.  Mine is Hexagra, Bli'id's is Impeln, Orecal's is Mora, Dean's is Atreides, Entimos' is Ocina, Kil'rok's is Kil'rok, and so on).  I want you -- I challenge you -- to get to know new names and do something with them.  So here's what I do.  Here are my tactics, strategies, in just getting to know someone or when I see someone log-on.

  1. Acknowledge them.  Say hello to them in /g.  Greet them by name.
  2. Ask how they're doing; how their day/week/weekend has gone, especially if you haven't seen them in a while.
  3. Ask what they plan to do in-game today.  Whether they want to hit warzones, flashpoints, or do some social roleplaying.
  4. Ask to either be involved, or ask them if they'd like to tag along with you (finish up what you're doing if you're not too involved) if it sounds like something that would be mutually enjoyed.
  5. If you've never met their character before, have an impromptu meeting in the Guild Stronghold(s).  If it's a Sith thing, use the Temple; if it's a military thing, use the Ship.  There's a dueling ground in the back for trials and training.  There's a full military drill field in the middle of the Temple.  Avarice made an amazing operations center in one of the smaller temples, and I made a Mandalorian/Hunter armory in the other.

Just these things make people feel welcome to a guild, and treat you as friends, rather than strangers.  After all, a stranger is just a friend you've never met (Thanks, Will Rogers, William Butler Yeats, and Roald Dahl).  You want people to have a reason to stick around if there's only 1-3 people online.  This can be that reason.

So when you recruit someone, if you're hanging out in Korriban, Dromund Kaas, Vaiken, or whatever, there's a few steps I'd like people to do when they obtain some new blood from the wilds.  First of all, you should get to know them!  My process is using this format of questions to just see what their background is and what they like to do.  This can be done in /g post invitation.  It really helps people get a sense that they're not a number or someone to pad out an experience bonus as some guilds like to do.  It makes them feel like you're treating them like a person.  Don't forget to provide them with instruction of how to use the strongholds, and ask them if they would like any XP boosts if they're leveling, which you can get freely from the vault that I've supplied (thousands of them since I level so quickly).

Redirect them to the Character Biography forum and, using the Bio Template, give them the ability to include their character in the lexicon of biographies to make others aware of them and want to be involved.  Tell them about Enjin and give them your username (or mine, probably) for any questions or concerns.  Don't forget to tell them how the guild works, by showing them the Guild Backstory and the Guild Ranks and Harbinger Information Page so they can become aware of who the chessmasters are and start off on the right foot to begin thinking of their characters' alignments and how to best know which path to choose to progress their own personal stories.

So, to make this post a bit more interactive, since I'm on a thing about 'recruitment,' I am gonna challenge each one of you that regularly read this stuff to respond to it with a recruitment message you could use in /1.  Just write it as a reply to this.  It should be no more than 255 characters, as if you were using twitter.  It should be encompassing what you believe we represent or what makes us stand out amongst the other roleplaying guilds in Ebon Hawk that are, without a doubt, younger than us (as we are amongst the oldest guilds in this game).  Maybe I'll have a prize for ones I like.

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