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The Dreadnaught Launches

Raziel a posted Dec 21, 14
Art the Lizard So happy What is it going to be named? ...
Sith_Lord_of_Wars Let us bring War and Destruction to those that oppose our GLORIOUS EMPIRE!
Sith_Lord_of_Wars FINALLY!!! after months of collecting we have finally done it

Fall Maintenance

Raziel a posted Sep 25, 14
Hello people, old and new.

Whenever Fall hits, and the Academic Year begins again, there's a major fallout of populations across MMO platforms.  It's just how things are, and I wouldn't want to change it.  For me, I realize I am seeing people prioritize their life ahead of their entertainment, and focus more on their education than pixels in a video game.  I agree with that.  I wholeheartedly support it.

However(comma) that does pose some sort of problem for guild activity.  If we don't have a projected population, then there's no one to play with, which in turn causes a chain reaction of people looking elsewhere for camaraderie, which recursively spirals in mass abandonment.  We've had it happen before when I was but an officer in the first year of the game from fairweather fallout.  I look upon this as a second opportunity to mitigate the circumstances.

I propose a recruitment drive until Thanksgiving (end of November for those more worldly).  I will incentive it somewhat nominally.  Using my vast resources, I should be able to supply to any who so take up this challenge.  For every applicant that you sponsor, whom survives our rigorous initiation process, and stays active to the Winter break, you, as the sponsor, will receive a Universal Fabrication Kit (the kind that requires 1x of crystal/design/industrial/synthetic to make), of your chosen grade (MK1,2,3).

Since by then, everyone, Subber, Preefer, and Freeper, will have access to their strongholds, I hope this will somewhat incentivize you to look for and gain quality roleplayers willing and able to invest in Sith-centric Imperial Roleplaying for the Sphere of Technology.

For those of you who have been sticking around, it will be more and more commonplace as I push us to do more and more operations.  I think Eternity Vault and Karagga's Palace are pretty fun places to knock out in an hour or so.  I would like it to be a normal thing, as long as Conquest doesn't get in the way (which is slowly killing me).  Expect me to coordinate more with the USO guilds for more TFB and S&V operations as we move forward.  Dual sets of gear (expertise and endurance) will only make things better. 

On a personal note, I will be working nights next month, 14-24 October.  Most of you won't see me (unless you're West Coast players or third-shift).  I'll be on late or in the morning.  As always, I am reachable through Enjin and in-game mail for anything you might need.  Our Scions and Warbringers are trusted individuals and roleplayers, and I have confidence in their ability to carry out with the tasks of the day.

As such, with the conquest system, here will be the new schedule of daily RP events, for people to do together, in-character.  The new proposed time will be 9pm EDT/EST to accommodate the majority of our player-base, which tends to be post-prime-time.

Tuesday:  Event-Specific Quests (Conquest, Gree, Rakghouls, Bounties)
Wednesday:  Weekly Quests (Makeb/CZ-198/Oricon/Section X/Black Hole)
Thursday:  Datacron Hunting/Initiations/World Bosses
Friday:  Warzones/Flashpoints/GSF
Saturday:  Operations/Social RP (Apprenticeships, Cantina, etc.)
Sunday:  Warzones/Flashpoints/GSF
Monday:  Miscellaneous/Catch-Up/Alts

I look upon you to instigate and trigger groups for this stuff.  This shows dedication and loyalty, and will make your peers respect you for your dedication in organizing and mobilizing personnel.  These are small steps that will challenge you to begin planning and preparing for bigger things along our Promotion Pipeline.
Art the Lizard Will do, and I have a few questions: Are thursdays at 9:00 a dedicated weekly initiation? And, you should add Vindicat ...

And there it went.

Raziel a posted Sep 13, 14
Man, that was fast.
Orecal Poor students. I remember enjoying my summer. And then a blink of an eye later and "BAM", it was gone.

The Hunt Begins

Raziel a posted May 28, 14
And here comes the Summer.

Forum RP usually hits its high notes during the summer, so if you're not in-game, start a personal storyline, get some guild characters involved, and type it out during downtime.  I always carry a memorandum pad or stenographer's pad around that I jot stuff into or make little quips and paragraphs for stuff and type it up later.  Just a suggestion.  People like to take breaks from MMOs during the summer to make time for summer jobs between school years or when they return from college or what-have-you.  Don't stop your stories just because you can't get in-game.  Stay involved.  We'll miss you less that way (ARTIEMMEEEEEEEES).

So today I'd like to venture forth some ideas I've had, and I am hoping to get some feedback in response to them. 

Earlier last week I posted the Vindication thread, allowing bounty hunters of all types to get involved in roleplaying and in-character missions related to why they're here.  Though 70% of the death marks are characters previously attached to the guild, I've put a few notable leaders of Republic guilds there that the Sons of Korriban have been involved in skirmishes with.  So what I'd like to do is really start to expand on that.

What I've been thinking involves a weekly or biweekly pay-out period that awards cash for every unique member of, say, Alpha Company or Knights of Sokan, killed in World PVP (outside of warzones), with a screenshot to act as a holorecord.  I'd make a open thread detailing the period, and people would upload screenshots with the name, guild, and the date/time of the corpse to act as a record of confirmed kill.  Each week, I'd tally up the kills, and make the pay-out, and we'd of course keep a running record to keep track of our best hunters.  When the new thread goes up afterwards, the slate gets wiped clean, and targets can be re-killed.  Co-operative kills would share the triumph, but split the pay.

As per the Vindication thread, taking these Imperial targets on Republic alts is fully authorized if you RP it out between your legacy for them to be allotted as "subcontractors" if you have any Republic freelancer/pirate/bounty-hunter type character.  It's important that the marks understand why they were defeated and laid low, and that it was an in-character action in accordance to the bounty placed upon them.

Thirdly, we're going to start pushing harder into operations when we have the manpower to do so.  Expect some impromptu excursions into some of the classic operations for easy Ultimate commendations to prep people to start learning how to work like an 8-man team as we gear up for Operator IX.  We did very well brute forcing our way through Asation, but did not meet up to expectations when choreography was required at that fight.  It's a weakness to work on, and classic operations can help with that (as well as Lost Island HM).

Wasn't on last night; forgot to take my vitamins and fell asleep at 5pm.  Woke up for two hours at 9pm, and went back to sleep.  Shit sucks.

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