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I am proud to announce the winner and assignments of our Commanding Officer Poll held the entire month of April.

With 50% of the votes, the winner and Commanding Officer of the Harrower-Class Dreadnaught The Maelstrom of Retribution is Ida "Lovelace" Babbage!

Admiral Babbage, a native of Ord Radama, will command the full brunt of the Dreadnaught and have wartime authority to direct the two Terminus-Class Destroyers, the Air Wing, as well as the Imperial Brigade.  Congratulations to the Admiral.

Due to overwhelming response, our second place positions have been an easy assignment.

Congratulations go out to the newly appointed Captains:  Nagi Manasa, who will be the Executive officer of the  Harrower-Class Dreadnaught The Maelstrom of Retribution, and Sullas "Papa" Bere, who is being appointed as Group Captain of the entire Air Wing TWO ZERO NINE.

Captain Manasa, a native of Naos III, will be appointed as the second-in-command of the ship, responsible for the execution of all commanding orders, and the go-to person to handle the necessary tasks.  Should Admiral Babbage not be available or re-assigned, Captain Manasa will take command.

Captain Bere, a proud Corellian, will inherit all responsibilities in directing the operations and training of every pilot assigned to the fleet.

Congratulations to our winners!

Art the Lizard Eww an alien
Balold Now too implement them in our RP's should be fun to have around.
Nightngale I was kinda hopping Nagi would win the top position. But, Ida's a good pick too. ! The contest thing was kinda fun. ...

Fleet Naming Contest

Raziel a posted Mar 17, 15

So as most of you know, I come from a military background.  I was given an honorable discharge after 8 years of active service in late 2013.  I'm pretty big on military authenticity, but I bend the rules in a video game when fun is at stake.

So, we have a fleet now, and it's about time to christen us some vessels and crew.  For those of you who have taken the trip to visit the flagship, you'll notice that the fleet consists of a single Harrower-Class Dreadnought, and two Terminus-Class Destroyers.  That's quite a loadout, and that doesn't include the Sailors and Marines that live onboard the vessels.

So, it's common knowledge that we, as a guild, debated for three straight days in what to name the Dreadnought.  We reached a compromise in The Maelstrom of Retribution.  Okay.  We're good with that.  Everyone mostly liked it.  It had a good ring to it, and I could get into it as long as it was pseudo-religious (I'm not a religious person, I just think religious nomenclature is really neat).

But before we get comfortable, we still have a few more things to name, and I want any ideas to go as replies to this post, and we'll vote on it on a thread later when we have sufficient collection of names.

Squadrons will need call-signs and names, commanding officers will need names, soldiers' squads will need names.  Let's flesh this out!

Capital Ships:

The Maelstrom of Retribution

  • Commanding Officer
  • Executive Officer
  • Bomber Wing #1 (20 M-7 Razorwire)
  • Bomber Wing #2 (8 B-4D Legion, 8 B-5 Decimus)
  • Patrol Wing #1 (32 Sith Assault Shuttles)
  • Scout Wing #1 (16 B-12 Blackbolts)
  • Scout Wing #2 (16 B-13 Stings)
  • Scout Wing #3 (7 S-SC4 Bloodmarks)
  • Striker Wing #1 (16 F-T6 Rycers)
  • Striker Wing #2 (16 F-T2 Quells)
  • Gunship Wing #1 (8 GSS-3 Manglers, 8 GSS-4Y Jurgorans, 8 GSS-5C Duskmakers)
  • Imperial Army Brigade (7,300 Imperial Soldiers; Infantry, Artillery, Support, Medical; a completely cohesive and independent military attaché with two regiments, each having three separate battalions incorporated within).

Terminus-Class Destroyer #1

  • Commanding Officer:
  • Executive Officer
  • Starfighter Wing (12 F-T6 Rycers, 2 S-SC4 Bloodmarks, 2 B-4D Legions)
  • Ordnance Acquisition Light Battalion (285 Sphere of Technology weapons specialists, demolition experts, and assymetrical warfare enthusiasts)

Terminus-Class Destroyer #2

  • Commanding Officer
  • Executive Officer
  • Starfighter Wing (12 FT-3C Imperium, 4 B-5 Decimus)
  • Imperial Expeditionary Marine Light Battalion (285 Imperial Marines focused on force reconnaisance, advanced scouting, and invasionary tactics)

WoW!  That's quite a lot of stuff.  So let's hear some cool ideas for names and call-signs to christen out fleet.  So far we have:  2 Destroyers, 10 Squadrons, 10 Military Units, and Six VIPs.

Mrina-lor i would say for a capital ship capital ship names: Black star Mailstrom retrubution or Dark dagger. ...
Raziel a Voting is now open. It's a full vote. Vote for as many people as you like and want to see added to our roster!
Chums Battalion Names: Mercy Waymakers Deiphage Daggers

A while ago, I wrote about a phenomenon called "MMO Burnout," a common thing that is triggered when people push too hard in a video game for too long.  They crash and burn, and the fun and entertainment derived from the activity is basically drained away, requiring massive amounts of time off to refuel that -- if, ever, that does.  Burnout can have a permanent effect and drive people away from a game fully.  Our good friend and member in great standing Lukip was most likely a victim of this and just up and disappeared one day.  We've lost innumerable members due to burnout.


What keeps a lot of people playing a social game like an MMO is basically an online version of FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out, for those my age).  You want to be around and play with people and not feel like you're being left behind or missing important activities or interactions.  After all, you never know when Ranked is gonna pop, am I right?


I can't stop anyone from being too dedicated to an online platform, but I can at least explain techniques I use to mitigate and defend against burnout.  I can't espouse enough that self-reflection and introspection play a big part in this.  The first big thing is to prevent a video game from becoming or feeling like a job.  It's great to have goals, but it's an MMO -- there are no deadlines (barring conquest if that's your thing); you can always pick up where you left off.  There's been plenty ot Tuesdays when I still needed one more HM flashpoint or one more warzone win; it just meant I could get them done early that week and go do other things on other characters.  Maybe that's just me being the eternal optimist in things, but I'm not going to be heartbroken I'm out 300 warzone commendations, and I can't fathom any adult somehow being emotionally disturbed by that.  We're all pretty level-headed here, and despite what Kil'rok may feel, I'm not a prophetic font of wisdom.


However, let's hypothetically disregard everything I've written above, as is anyone's right to do so.  I'm not anyone's boss here; I'm just the guy whom was thrust the position and whose charge is to be responsible for keeping things together.  That doesn't give me any magical power over any human being in the world, and I'm under no delusion that I have any right to circumvent the free will of others.  So let's disregard all of that:  "Fuck you Raz, TOR is Life, TOR is Love; I need a ranked set a week ago, so we're gonna go hard.  YOU JUST MAD I'M DOIN' ME BETTER THAN YOU'RE DOIN' YOU!"  Enough straw in that scarecrow?  Let's roll with this.  Fine.  SWTOR is a job to you.  You've fabricated deadlines to imagined self-goals.  Okay.  Now, realize that even in a salaried position, you still have weekends off.  So even if you do go hard for 8 hours a day in your employed position, as is standard, you still get two and a half days which you're not working; every single week (sometimes more with holidays).  So, if you're going to treat SWTOR as a job, don't forget the weekend period in which you log off and decompress from your hobby.


It is a hobby.  Video games are a hobby.  Let's not kid ourselves.  We're not wearing tracksuits with patches of corporate sponsors like some elite South Korean Starcraft Team or Swedish Call of Duty tournament player.  As with any hobby, we've picked it up because we derive entertainment and amusement from it and it allows us to decompress from the stresses of every day life with a fantastical bout of escapism for a few hours of leisure.  That's what it's there for, and keeping your hobbies healthy is a hard thing for many people.  Indulge at times, but always be aware of your personal responsibilities to your life.  Video games are not a lifestyle; no hobby should substitute for your personal lifestyle.  That's a sign of mental illness; try to help people you see slipping into this broken state.  MMORPGs can help your social skills, not replace them.  If you need an excuse to go out, I've got a mobile game called Ingress you can download that'll give you quests to visit places in your town via GPS.  I have tricks to make people into functional human beings.  No one is immune.


If you're feeling the burnout come on, or you think you need help from pulling away, you have digital resources available in terms of myself, your fellow guildmates, and your family.  Speak up, be it publically or privately -- whatever it is to be your comfort -- and let's find an amicable solution to your ills.  That goes with anything, not just video game stuff.  Sometimes letting off a little steam from your mental/emotional vent is cathartic enough.  We're here for you.

Avarice I myself am taking a break, trying out a different game FFXIV
Ffayr Sometimes, there is difficulty in engaging in a social life outside of the home. For some of us it is other factors in o ...
Nightngale This was very heart felt and sentimental in a way, and I enjoyed reading it, and I don't know if was intentional, but I ...

The Dreadnaught Launches

Raziel a posted Dec 21, 14
Art the Lizard So happy What is it going to be named? ...
Sith_Lord_of_Wars Let us bring War and Destruction to those that oppose our GLORIOUS EMPIRE!
Sith_Lord_of_Wars FINALLY!!! after months of collecting we have finally done it