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I would like to alert everyone to the news that we will be closing Chapter 5 of our Guild Story for Fallen Empire.

For those of you who are not aware of what this means (about 99% of you), that means that you should begin organizing a synopsis of in-character progression for every character you have maintained persistant presence within the guild since their induction since the Death of Securo event a year and a half ago.

I will open a thread in the Open Stories forum for everyone to begin posting these summaries.  I'd like for everyone to be done by the end of August, allowing me some time to compile the data to close out the Guild's Chapter and begin Chapter 6 in time for the Fallen Empire story arc.  This, in turn, allows everyone to begin their forewards and begin planning for the 5 year time jump and the ruins of the Empire and Republic as Valkorion mounts his conquest.

New and exciting things are afoot in the Old Republic timeline.  It's time to start planning for that dive and closing some plotlines.

Balold Yeah,planning to finish Xanatos Gambit,Master of the Hunt and Meltdown before October should be sweet to work on the 5 y ...


Raziel a posted Jun 23, 15

I was asked yesterday, upon seeing the news of the discount on transfers, on whether I'd take the opportunity to "jump ship," as it were, to another destination such as Ebon Hawk or even one of the non-RP super-servers. It could be judged as quite lucrative to divulge in a massive population of strangers, and our friend Skathus seems to enjoy himself quite a lot.

I told the individual that I hadn't considered nor planned on leaving Jung Ma. We started here a week before the game ever launched and we instigated and organized the effort a month into Guild Launch to get a lot of the RP/PVP guilds to consolidate to pick it (some of you older players might have remembered the thread in the Beta Forums concerning to push for the Ruleset that was started by SoK as well as the massive VoiP meeting after the fact where Jung Ma was decided on). There's a lot of history here, and of that history, I would wear my Founder title with something that could be described as pride, yet lacking hubris.

It is with some subtle implication that I had aspired to lure more individuals to Jung Ma, but in all practicality, I don't see the server ruleset -- niche as it is -- enjoying a resurgence or sudden revitalization. I personally take no umbrage with this, but perception being as it is, I can see why it would make some players at unease and inspire paranoia. It is with humility that I profess my dedication as I did in this conversation the other day, that I will stick around despite what may come, until whatever fate Jung Ma is in store with shall be decided by those whom make such decisions, and as I ever have -- since the inception Guild Beta phase onwards -- hold the <Sons of Korriban> tag below my name to lead and offer advice and conversation to any who would join me in it.

Thanks for your company, everyone.  I have heard no deathknell for Jung Ma yet.  Let's continue playing together.

Hellrazor2234 This is a Important subject to discuss, and I have a history with the Sons, even on my Hiatus awhile back, I kept tabs o ...
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Second Galactic Slave Auction

Hello and welcome to the Second Galactice Slave Auction!

Havek Industries is pleased to announce that our stock has more then tripled in the past few galactic standard months, allowing those of us who work at Havek Industries to continue doing the work that we love: selling slaves! My name is Ungoliant Havek, CEO of Havek Industries and minority shareholder of Czerka Corporation, and you are cordially invited to participate in the bidding of the strongest, smartest, and best slaves in the galaxy! Out of the trillions of sentients that could have been invited, we have chosen YOU to be invited to Havek Industries flagship testing facility in the sandy dunes of Tatooine! Drinks and a musical number from one of Nar Shaddaa's most promising rising stars, "Rotworm Ressk" will be provided to all who attend!

Please Note

- Havek Industries testing facility is not open to the public. Havek Industries guards patrol and monitor for any sign of threatening behaviors or unsavory individuals. All past feuds should be put to rest, or you will be removed from the testing facilities grounds.

- Formal attire is not mandatory, but preferred. Havek Industries unauthorized weapons are to be given up. Failure to do so will result in an expulsion from the facility.

- Slavers who have captured a slave(s) should contact Artiemes Ultor via holonet mail. A compensation of up to 20,000 credits will be given to the slaver.

- Have fun and don't die!

Ungoliant Havek, CEO of Havek Industries
- Havek Industries; Building a Brighter Galaxy -


It's back! Same rules as last time: Slaves will go for 13-20K initially, but, if this event is anything like last time, the average will be 300K per a slave. Buying a slave will give you a FREE cartel pack. Slave = Pack. The pack will most likely be the newest one released.


Ungoliant Havek's Vacation Retreat - A Tatooine Stronghold
June 22nd, 9:00PM EST. Message Ungoliant for an invite or use the Tatooine stronghold directory!


- No dueling or combat during the event. Dueling will result in guards escorting you off the premises (a kick).
- No false or joke bids on slaves. We had some trouble with this last event. It's extremely hard to invite people, answer questions, communicate with the RPers playing the slaves, communicate with my guild, and take bids at the same time. Fake and joke bidding will result in a kick.
- Bidding should take place in /yell. If you aren't bidding, please don't use it.
- Weapons are not allowed for security reasons.
- Act like guards are everywhere, because they are. I don't care if you're the most powerful Sith/Jedi/whatever to ever live, they are trained to face and kill Sith and Jedi. 90 guards will beat a Sith or Jedi.


Wanna be sold as a slave? Now, you CAN! Reserve your spot now!
Slave Hunters can, as previously stated, ICly sell slaves to Ungoliant!
IC Havek Industries security guards are needed to keep the peace! Sign up now!

Mrina-lor wish I could make it. :(

I am proud to announce the winner and assignments of our Commanding Officer Poll held the entire month of April.

With 50% of the votes, the winner and Commanding Officer of the Harrower-Class Dreadnaught The Maelstrom of Retribution is Ida "Lovelace" Babbage!

Admiral Babbage, a native of Ord Radama, will command the full brunt of the Dreadnaught and have wartime authority to direct the two Terminus-Class Destroyers, the Air Wing, as well as the Imperial Brigade.  Congratulations to the Admiral.

Due to overwhelming response, our second place positions have been an easy assignment.

Congratulations go out to the newly appointed Captains:  Nagi Manasa, who will be the Executive officer of the  Harrower-Class Dreadnaught The Maelstrom of Retribution, and Sullas "Papa" Bere, who is being appointed as Group Captain of the entire Air Wing TWO ZERO NINE.

Captain Manasa, a native of Naos III, will be appointed as the second-in-command of the ship, responsible for the execution of all commanding orders, and the go-to person to handle the necessary tasks.  Should Admiral Babbage not be available or re-assigned, Captain Manasa will take command.

Captain Bere, a proud Corellian, will inherit all responsibilities in directing the operations and training of every pilot assigned to the fleet.

Congratulations to our winners!

Art the Lizard Eww an alien
Balold Now too implement them in our RP's should be fun to have around.
Nightngale I was kinda hopping Nagi would win the top position. But, Ida's a good pick too. ! The contest thing was kinda fun. ...