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And there it went.

Raziel a posted Sat at 18:16
Man, that was fast.
Orecal Poor students. I remember enjoying my summer. And then a blink of an eye later and "BAM", it was gone.

The Hunt Begins

Raziel a posted May 28, 14
And here comes the Summer.

Forum RP usually hits its high notes during the summer, so if you're not in-game, start a personal storyline, get some guild characters involved, and type it out during downtime.  I always carry a memorandum pad or stenographer's pad around that I jot stuff into or make little quips and paragraphs for stuff and type it up later.  Just a suggestion.  People like to take breaks from MMOs during the summer to make time for summer jobs between school years or when they return from college or what-have-you.  Don't stop your stories just because you can't get in-game.  Stay involved.  We'll miss you less that way (ARTIEMMEEEEEEEES).

So today I'd like to venture forth some ideas I've had, and I am hoping to get some feedback in response to them. 

Earlier last week I posted the Vindication thread, allowing bounty hunters of all types to get involved in roleplaying and in-character missions related to why they're here.  Though 70% of the death marks are characters previously attached to the guild, I've put a few notable leaders of Republic guilds there that the Sons of Korriban have been involved in skirmishes with.  So what I'd like to do is really start to expand on that.

What I've been thinking involves a weekly or biweekly pay-out period that awards cash for every unique member of, say, Alpha Company or Knights of Sokan, killed in World PVP (outside of warzones), with a screenshot to act as a holorecord.  I'd make a open thread detailing the period, and people would upload screenshots with the name, guild, and the date/time of the corpse to act as a record of confirmed kill.  Each week, I'd tally up the kills, and make the pay-out, and we'd of course keep a running record to keep track of our best hunters.  When the new thread goes up afterwards, the slate gets wiped clean, and targets can be re-killed.  Co-operative kills would share the triumph, but split the pay.

As per the Vindication thread, taking these Imperial targets on Republic alts is fully authorized if you RP it out between your legacy for them to be allotted as "subcontractors" if you have any Republic freelancer/pirate/bounty-hunter type character.  It's important that the marks understand why they were defeated and laid low, and that it was an in-character action in accordance to the bounty placed upon them.

Thirdly, we're going to start pushing harder into operations when we have the manpower to do so.  Expect some impromptu excursions into some of the classic operations for easy Ultimate commendations to prep people to start learning how to work like an 8-man team as we gear up for Operator IX.  We did very well brute forcing our way through Asation, but did not meet up to expectations when choreography was required at that fight.  It's a weakness to work on, and classic operations can help with that (as well as Lost Island HM).

Wasn't on last night; forgot to take my vitamins and fell asleep at 5pm.  Woke up for two hours at 9pm, and went back to sleep.  Shit sucks.

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So the event was a success, despite it not being as successful as it could for the guild, the story moves on regardless.  Everyone has gotten their first taste of the Winds of Akasha chapter and what to expect as the guild progresses through the Sons of Korriban plot.  I hope you had fun, whether you were on the SOK Side, Actor side, or ACo side; we had people in every part, but always, the only person who knows the whole story is the GM (as in Game Master).

The fallout was addressed in the meeting, where we had three promotions to Warbringer/Scion.  So congratulations for Rall, Vi, and Shiior.  Furthermore, Jenny, Artiemes, U'ras, and Zelkor have been formally addressed to their trials for Exarch/Warrant Officer.  If any of you guys need to know what's left to be done, please ask after referring to the Guild Ranks thread.  We can do a one-on-one and address each point if you're serious about attaining the next level in your guild progression. 

I should write more articles.

Although the guild is incredibly healthy, I personally feel that there will always be some areas of improvement.  Most notably, I think that we are under-utilizing our roleplaying and in-character potential, especially considering the incredible characters that are attached to our roster.  So, I posit a little challenge.  All I ask of each of you is to have at least one in-character discussion, using the /o channel not required, a day.  It doesn't even have to be with other guild members, but that would indeed knock out at least two people's requirements.  It's a very simple request.  The Master/Apprentice thing is a promotion requirement, and I won't be removing that for as far as I can see, and I really want people to put forth effort into the Master/Apprentice roles that they've established.  The day for Social RP like that is Saturday, but that often becomes our event night anyway, so I can understand there are outside influences that pull us away from things like that.

I'm also kind of getting a feel that most of our players are late night (at least to me) players.  We've been getting a lot of PST/MST timeframes active right now.  If the trend continues, I will push back our daily RP/IC event items so as to maximize potential group efforts.  Everyone should have the opportunity to be involved.

Likewise, I'd really like you guys to get the newer players involved with the guild.  Pick them up as apprentices, if anything to make them feel more comfortable and inclusive.  Impress people to visit the website, make an account, and post on the forum.  Allow them to feel connected to the organization and feel welcome while being in it.  I really think some upkeep and maintenance could be done for the character bios subforum.  We need more of those, and for those of us who have them already, we could always add more to it through character progression a chapter at a time.  My favorite hobby is creating personas customized from the character companions, and I hope to etch some time to include those dossiers in each character bio I post.

Been playing a lot of Warframe lately with their Melee 2.0 update.  I'll try to be in-game more.
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Well, look where we are now.  If you had told me in November that in 4 months we'd have over 50 individual members and be maxed out on reputation rewards, I'd have scoffed -- literally scoffed.

I guess we're a "large" guild now, and able to undertake things that "large" guilds do, namely a bigger importance on small-time operations to let our players see the content at that level.  While in no means do I ever intend to add the word "progression" to the description of our activities, operations themselves are important to the game's storyline, and it's important to me that no one here at 55 is "gated" from seeing the SWTOR story unfold, at least in storymode (though Explosive Conflict/Denova is still ridiculously hard).

Stating that, I'd like to hypocritically advise moderation in MMOs.  MMO burnout is a real thing and it catches everyone eventually, even myself in more than one occasion.  I find it occurs more frequently when we push ourselves to attain some virtual goal, be it a high PVP rating or an entire set of progression-based equipment; something not entirely lofty, but to obtain these things we tend to overplay our normal schedule for a set period of time.  Though this is usually met with some degree of success, the oncoming mental state post-success is a fugue -- a miasma of being overdrawn from the pit of dedication.  We do not enjoy the fruits of our labors, but feel off-set by the onset of this lackadaisical attitude concerning what all that time spent getting the carrot truly achieved when there's a new carrot.

It's an insight to how the genre survives, really.  It's common for people who identify as 'gamers' to be so disgusted that they usually stop playing MMOs for a month or more because of getting burnt out from spending too much of their time trying to get something.  The curse of achievement is that if you stop achieving, you are left to self-reflection and find yourself empty.  So I espouse moderation.  Don't play too much; don't play too hard.  It's about having fun, enjoying one another's company, and getting together every now and then and bustin' some chops.

Consequentially, in accordance to Daeskort's intermittent requests, I added promotion pre-requisites for everyone if they want to know what they need to do in order to climb the social ladder here.  These are done on a case- by-case basis, and are ultimately at my discretion at first.  If you think you're ready to accomplish the event-based ones, send Typhaon an e-mail in-game or through me here, and we'll get you access to the RP Event subforum so you can begin writing and brainstorming.

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